You are having a shared dinner. One person payed for the food and another for beverages, while a third person bought cigars for all the boys which the girls shouldn't pay for. The ones who didn't pay for anything need to give some money to the once who did. This is easily done here. Everybody put in their expenses and we then calculate who should transfer to who. Start now: Create a tally
  1. 1 - Create a tally (free, you dont need to register)
  2. 2 - Add participants and expenses
  3. 3 - Create a transferplan and send it to the participants
  4. 4 - Everyone gets what they deserve!

Users say

  • My flatmates and I uses this all the time. -Mikkel
  • Smart and easy! -Peter
  • Finally an easy way to close the tally after this year's festival with the guys, awesome! -Thomas
  • My girlsfriends and I uses this to settle the tally after our shared dinners. :-) -Sarah
Mangler du at finde en god gave, så prøv at brug kunstig intelligens og find en personlig gave .


Example of a tally     Example of a transferplan